Israel to play baseball in 2020 Olympics “where it will face powerhouse teams such as the United States, Japan, and the Dominican Republic”

Israel is first nation to qualify for 2020 Olympic baseball tournament
by Olympic Talk
September 22, 2019

Israel’s baseball team, which captivated at the 2017 World Baseball Classic, is headed to its first Olympics next summer. Israel won a joint European-African tournament to become the first nation to qualify for baseball’s return to the Games after the sport was voted off the program after Beijing 2008…Four more countries will qualify — two at the global Premier12 in November, another from the Americas and one more from a last-chance qualifier next year. Israel, ranked 19th in the world, advanced via its best opportunity in Italy this week. It upset the highest-ranked European nations — the Netherlands (No. 8) and host Italy (No. 16) — and wrapped it up with an 11-1 win over South Africa on Sunday. READ MORE

JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS Unbelievable: Israel to play baseball in 2020 Olympics A veteran oddsmaker wouldn’t have taken the bet. A Hollywood producer wouldn’t have entertained such a preposterous plot line. No one — except perhaps Israel Association of Baseball president Peter Kurz, the eternally optimistic uncle you might dismiss as delusional — would have believed the Israeli national baseball team could earn a berth in the 2020 Olympics…

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