Israel: Take back your Iron Dome and replace it with an Iron Fist

Why I am AGAINST the Iron Dome
by Shmuel Sackett
November 14, 2019

…The Iron DOME has to be replaced with the Iron FIST. Instead of sitting and catching 86% of rockets shot at Israeli cities (according to official sources) the IDF needs to issue a simple, yet very powerful statement: Israel’s new system – the Iron Fist – automatically fires back 100 rockets for every one rocket that is fired at us. This is Day #1. Starting with Day #2 – the Iron Fist fires back 200 rockets and by Day #3 its 300-for-1 and so on. Furthermore, the rockets fired by the Iron Fist will not be towards empty fields and abandoned buildings but exactly to the same kind of areas where the enemy shot at us. READ MORE

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