“Leaving the story of Mizrahi Jews out of pro-Israel advocacy is a mistake”

The Damage Done by Shouting Down Ideas
by Hen Mazzig
November 20, 2019

For the past several years, I’ve traveled around the United States as an advocate, speaking about my family’s story of exile from Iraq and Tunisia and its journey home to Israel. I visit schools, temples, community centers, LGBTQ groups — you name it. After each talk, listeners tell me that their knowledge about the Mizrahi community was limited before hearing me. Although Mizrahim make up 60% of Israel’s Jewish population today, even devoted Zionists entrenched in Israel’s policies know little about the largest demographic living there. READ MORE

JNS Arab States Are Claiming the Heritage of Their Expelled Jews On or around November 30, Jewish communities around the world will be holding events to remember the mass exodus of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran. Almost a million people were displaced in the past 50 years, leaving billions of dollars’ worth of property behind.

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