The real story of Hanukah, not the one you hear at Sunday school: “the battle Judah Maccabee and his boys won was really a civil war against the Jews who turned away from their faith”

‘The Greeks Tried To Kill Us’ And Other Hanukkah Myths Debunked
by Zach Epstein
December 19, 2019

The Hellenistic Jews were engaged in a battle of identity with the traditional Jews, and enlisted the help of the brutal King Antiochis and his Seleucid Empire to wipe out the “un-enlightened elements” of Jewish religion, particularly acts through which Jew claim to be able to sanctify physicality. Decrees against these elements ensued. The Jews didn’t assimilate into Greek culture like the other peoples. They maintained their identity, religion, and values even amid the strong pull of the Zeitgeist, and were thus a threat to the authority of the Empire as well as an independent moral conscience. READ MORE

AMERICAN THINKER Hanukah: The First Battle against Transnationalism and the Deep State At first, there were the usual military attacks by the Seleucids [Syrian Greeks] against Judea. But that changed. Instead of undertaking costly military campaigns to accomplish this, Antiochus, circa 175 BC, reasoned it would be easier and less conspicuous to bring Judea under heel by simply de-Judaizing it, by forbidding Israel’s core and distinctive religious practices and educating its children in the mores of the hedonistic gymnasium.

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