CAMERA YouTube asks, Why doesn’t the New York Times want people to know the truth about Islamic Jihad? 

Why is NY Times downplaying Islamic Jihad ?
by Gilead Ini
January 8, 2020

Why did New York Times editors scrub a reference to the West’s view of Islamic Jihad as a terror organization? Why did they later cast the murderous group as “nettlesome” and “unruly,” as if describing a stray tuft of hair and not terrorists responsible for targeting innocent men, women, and children at malls and on buses? Why do Times reporters feel comfortable noting that a tiny but racist Israeli political party is “anti-Arab,” but not that Islamic Jihad is “anti-Jewish”? Why do they frequently suggest Israeli building in the West Bank is a violation of international law, but generally avoid saying the same about Islamic Jihad’s indiscriminate rockets fired into Israeli towns? READ MORE

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