“Whether you are liberal or conservative, if you love Israel, we share common ground. But if you support organizations that seek to harm Israel, and your declarations of being pro-Israel are insincere, we have nothing to say to each other”

Register & Vote in the World Zionist Congress Election – It’s About Stopping the Radical Anti-Israel Activists Among World Jewry
January 20, 2020

There is an exciting opportunity to help Israel available within days. As an American Jew you (and Jews all over the world) can easily register and vote for delegates to represent you on issues important to Israel. It will take only 5 minutes of your time and can be done online. The only international legislature or parliament for world Jewry is the World Zionist Congress or WZC. It describes itself as “the only democratically elected global Jewish forum.” Elections for the WZC take place every five years. It will meet in October 2020 in Jerusalem, set an agenda and distribute $1 Billion for various causes. You can soon register and vote for delegates to the Congress. American Jewry has 152 delegates out of a total of 500 delegates. This year voting begins on January 21 and ends March 11. Registration is only $7.50 ($5 if you are under 25) for any permanent US resident over 18 and can be easily done online at https://azm.org/electionsREAD MORE

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