“Three years in the making, the “Deal of the Century,” President Trump’s peace plan, has finally been revealed”

The ‘Deal of the Century’: What are its key points?
by Lahav Harkob, Herb Keinon
January 28, 2020

Borders: Trump’s plan features a map of what Israel’s new borders will be, should it enact the plan fully. Israel will retain 20% of the West Bank and will lose a small amount of land in the Negev near the Gaza-Egypt border. The Palestinians will have a pathway to a state in the vast majority of territory in the West Bank, while Israel will maintain control of all borders. This is the first time a US president has provided a detailed map of this kind. Jerusalem: The Palestinians will have a capital in east Jerusalem based on northern and eastern neighborhoods that are outside the Israeli security barrier – Kafr Akab, Abu Dis and half of Shuafat. Otherwise, Trump said Jerusalem will remain undivided as Israel’s capital. READ MORE

JNS Ruthie Blum: Netanyahu pulls the rug out from under his rivals Hours before the ceremony in Washington with U.S. President Donald Trump to present the Mideast peace plan, including a map of the borders of the proposed demilitarized Palestinian state, the Israeli premier announced that he was withdrawing his request for immunity.

TIMES OF ISRAEL TV: Abbas sent Netanyahu handwritten note warning of consequences of Trump plan PA Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh, met with Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon in order to tell Israel that the PA views the plan presented Tuesday in Washington as voiding the Oslo peace accords and that the Palestinians now felt free to break their commitments, including security cooperation.

JNS Jonathan Tobin: Time for the architects of Middle East failures to be quiet Longtime State Department peace processors who helped wreck the region under Clinton or Obama, and are now the first to criticize the Trump plan, lack credibility.

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