A former Brigadier General of the IDF: “The claim that Israel’s adversaries are deterred is utterly unconvincing”

Deterrence is only as strong as the force you are willing to use
by Shmuel Tzuker
February 23, 2020

The question of how one measures the military strength and the deterring power of a country is up for debate. Are strength and deterrence measured though the size of weapons arsenals, jet fleets, or tank formations? Past experience tells us that possessing major military capabilities is an insufficient indicator of strength, or of a country’s ability to deter determined enemies. The real test of strength comes from the willingness of decision makers to activate the capabilities that they have at their disposal. Under this criteria, Israel’s recent history of its dealings with adversaries leaves disturbing questions unanswered about Israeli deterrence and strength. READ MORE

NATIONAL INTEREST Israel’s New War Plan for Iran (And More): Stealth F-35I Fighters and Lots of Tech Israel rolled out a new plan this month to take advantage of Israel’s technological edge, blending them with the best weapons systems like the F-35i and using it with extreme effectiveness against enemies. The plan, named Momentum, has been in the works for a year and was rolled out in February 2020 to prepare Israel to confront Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and other threats over the next decades.

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