Benny Gantz: “Does not inspire confidence that he has the finesse to navigate a political minefield in which we would need to engage not only with Trump but also Putin, the UK, Asia, the EU, and moderate Sunni states”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Time to put egos aside
by Isi Leibler
February 27, 2020

We should pinch ourselves to be certain that our current position is not a dream: The US administration is promoting Israel’s narrative and exposing Palestinian lies. Its peace plan rejects previously demanded concessions that would have led to the Jewish state’s demise; Iran faces massive global sanctions; Russian President Putin, despite ties with Syria and Iran, cooperates with Israel and recognizes its security needs, and Israel has unprecedented links with India, China, and many other countries around the world. Moreover, moderate Sunni neighbors have open or covert relations with Israel; Israel has become a major exporter of energy and water desalination systems; Israel’s defense forces can, if necessary, defeat all our adversaries combined, and Israel’s resilient economy is enjoying historically low unemployment and sustained growth. READ MORE

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