“A core principle of the Trump plan is that “everyone stays in place” – a reality that Palestinians must eventually come to accept”

Martin Kramer: The Trump Plan Will Be “Transformative” for Palestinians
by Marilyn Stern
Middle East Forum Radio
February 28, 2020

“Much of the responsibility for the predicament of the Palestinians today relies not just on them, but on their … supposed friends who … promised they would deliver to them on fantasies which were completely detached from reality.”…Until now, “the world has told them again and again that history could be reversed,” he explained. “When people stop telling Palestinians that history can be reversed, that is the beginning of wisdom. It begins with the United States, [and] will percolate to other states in the West, and [to the] Arabs. The Palestinians will begin to understand that their demand for a reverse of history has no support from anyone else.” READ MORE

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