Medtronic CEO Yaron Yitzhari: ‘The financial impact isn’t what counts – the main thing is to save lives’

Ventilator manufactor Medtronic gives away patents to its competitors
by Shimon Cohen
April 1, 2020

Medtronic, the world’s largest manufacturer of medical equipment, is currently receiving large amounts of attention for its ventilator. This week, the CEO of the company’s Israel division, Yaron Yitzhari, made the decision to release all of Medtronic’s patents for the production of ventilators, in order to enable any company wishing to manufacture them to use Medtronic’s blueprints, for free. Arutz Sheva spoke with CEO Yitzhari, asking him about his decision and the possible repercussions for the company. “We didn’t just release the patents,” he clarifies. “We’ve made available all the details of the manufacturing process, for anyone who’s interested in manufacturing ventilators himself.” READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM IDF converts assembly lines for tanks to make medical equipment “Within 12 hours we changed our entire work plan,” says Col. Udi Amira, commander of the IDF’s Rehabilitation and Maintenance Center for armored vehicles. We are working at full strength to find creative solutions that will save lives.”

I24NEWS I24NEWS FDA okays Israeli drug for coronavirus treatment trials NeuroRx, a US-Israeli pharmaceutical company, and Relief Therapeutics, a Swiss drug development company, announced Sunday they received the go-ahead from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for phase two trials of a drug [Aviptadil] that could take on a deadly condition associated with COVID-19.

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