“China’s defective “gifts” reflect a defective regime—and the world is beginning to notice”

How China’s Mask Diplomacy Backfired
by Charles Dunst
April 15, 2020

….Chinese state media has emphasized the purported strength of the CCP’s response, using this new “Health Silk Road” to portray China as a trustworthy torchbearer amid a crisis that is engulfing the West. And while this narrative has found purchase in mainstream Western media, many claims of Chinese charity are easily debunked. China is not donating but selling ventilators, face masks, COVID-19 tests, and other medical supplies to Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Qatar, Serbia, and Austria, among other countries. Meanwhile, many of these supplies are defective. READ MORE

NPR Bloomberg News Killed Investigation, Fired Reporter, Then Sought To Silence His Wife The Chinese ambassador warned Bloomberg executives against publishing the investigation. But Bloomberg News published the story anyway. Afterward, Forsythe received what he and Fincher considered death threats relayed through other journalists. He and Fincher moved their family to Hong Kong, believing it to be safer. Even so, the reporting team pursued the next chapter, focusing on Chinese leaders’ ties to the country’s richest man, Wang Jianlin. Among those in the reporters’ sights: the family of new Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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