New York’s Hasidic community “has taken a tragedy and turned it into a superpower” said an expert on using plasma to treat people after virus exposure

Hasidic Jews, Hit Hard by the Outbreak, Flock to Donate Plasma
by Liam Stack
May 12, 2020

They came in waves throughout the day, large groups in car pools and married couples taking advantage of their newfound health for a road trip through the mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania. By the time night had fallen, more than 60 Hasidic Jews from New York had arrived to donate blood plasma, rich in the antibodies they generated when they were sick with Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus…“By far the largest group [of plasma donors] is our Orthodox friends in New York City,” said Dr. Joyner, who said more than 5,000 patients across the country had received plasma treatment so far. READ MORE

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