“In the West Bank, shots were fired at the bank’s branch in Jenin and Molotov cocktails thrown at another branch in Jericho”

Palestinian Banks Targeted With Violence After Closing Accounts of Terrorists
by Benjamin Kerstein
May 11, 2020

A series of violent incidents occurred in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the last few days as Palestinians have reacted with fury to the closure of bank accounts held by terrorists imprisoned in Israel and their families, the Israeli news site Walla reported. The bank accounts were closed due to an Israeli order that the banks themselves would be considered collaborators with terrorism if the accounts — which are regularly replenished by the Palestinian Authority (PA) as part of its so-called “pay-for-slay” policy — were left open. READ MORE

FREE BEACON Biden Calls for Resumption of Palestinian Aid as New Payments to Terrorists Revealed Palestinian leaders have vowed not to end ‘pay to slay’ policy

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