“How could Mandelblit indict Netanyahu for a nonexistent crime that is unheard of not only in Israel, but on most of the planet?”

What on earth is media bribery, and should it be a crime?
by Yonah Jeremy Bob
May 25, 2020

…[Netanyahu’s lawyers] were especially irate because they said Netanyahu has faced decades of biased coverage against him, including in Yediot and Walla, and there was nothing wrong with trying to negotiate for better coverage like other politicians (especially since they deny he pushed for any communications policy beyond what was good for the country and or that he directed any systematic interference with Walla). And where is the money, they ask? Doesn’t bribery require cash in envelopes or at least expensive ties or approvals of questionable construction plans, like former prime minister Ehud Olmert was given? READ MORE

JNS Ruthie Blum:Demonstrating against the forces of condescension Protestations to the contrary, the chattering classes in the press, academia and the courts have been on an endless campaign to delegitimize the right.

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