“Major synagogues in the Los Angeles area have piously condemned racism, but not the hatred that defaced synagogues and schools”

The Los Angeles Pogrom That No Jewish Organization Will Talk About
by Daniel Greenfield
June 4, 2020

…One would think that the hateful vandalism of 8 Jewish institutions and a mob screaming slurs after trashing Jewish businesses would lead to some sort of meaningful response. But that would be the optimistic perspective of people who haven’t experienced the unmitigated level of cowardice and appeasement that comprises Jewish institutional life at virtually every level. In June, my inbox has been littered with missives from assorted Jewish organizations, institutions, and even, shamefully, synagogues, some good and some bad, wringing their hands over George Floyd’s death, and timidly condemning violent responses, while failing to mention the racist attacks on Jewish businesses and institutions by supporters of the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter group. READ MORE

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