“In 1967, Arab militaries based much of their strategy and battle doctrine on Soviet concepts; a doctrine Israel closely studied”

The Six Day War: Israel’s Air Force Seizes the Advantage
by Avishai Levi
June 5, 2020

The Six Day War presents an exceptional case study of the Israeli Air Force’s ethos of military planning and preparation – something that resulted from the clear understanding that the country’s very existence rested – in no small part – upon the shoulders of its pilots, air crew and ground crews. On land, tens of thousands of graves had been dug to be filled by the anticipated casualties of war.  Our young nation felt like it was on the edge of the abyss, with powerful enemies rounding upon it in the form of several Arab militaries.  The sense throughout the defense establishment was that if Israel was to avoid what it perceived to be a looming second Holocaust, it must capitalize upon the first opportunity to push back the threats massing against it to the north and, much more forebodingly, to the south. READ MORE

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