An inconvenient truth: “Cops save lives and keep New York City safe for all residents—especially the most vulnerable”

Why We Need the Police
by Heather MacDonald
June 8, 2020

“How lovely when we see the police! They are my friends.” So said an elderly lady attending a police-community meeting in the Bronx several years ago. Her voice is representative of the thousands of senior citizens, middle-aged workers, and small-business owners who fervently support the New York Police Department. These vulnerable New Yorkers want more police presence, not less; they view officers as their only protection against predation. What will the activists seeking to defund the NYPD tell these law-abiding residents—that they are now on their own? The people who live in high-crime neighborhoods understand more about policing than the anti-cop agitators. READ MORE

FORBES Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Votes To Replace Police With Community-Led Model The Minneapolis City Council on Friday, 18 days after the death of George Floyd, unanimously passed a resolution to replace the police department with a community-led public safety system.

Ami Horowitz Video: All Stats Matter I went to a New York protest to give them the good news! There is no evidence that police target black people! SPOILER ALERT….It didn’t go well.

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