“The left’s effort to take down New York Dem Rep. Eliot Engel will be a test case for the ability of the party establishment to keep a pro-Israel veteran in a majority minority district”

Can Pro-Israel Democrats hold off an AOC clone?
by Jonathan Tobin
June 10, 2020

…Right now, [Eliot] Engel, who has held his seat since 1988, is in serious trouble. After 32 years in Washington, he is a bit complacent and out of touch with his district. Though the 16th district has a significant Jewish population with an estimate of 11.7 percent of voters there, it is a majority minority district with 34 percent of its eligible voters being African-American and 24 percent Hispanic. The district’s minority voters have gone along with the choice of the party establishment for years. But as was the case with AOC’s upset of Crowley, whose district’s makeup was roughly similar, that acquiescence may crumble once an energetic minority candidate is ready to challenge a white incumbent. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Bernie Sanders endorses Eliot Engel’s opponent Jamaal Bowman for Congress Engel is a moderate Democrat and a leading pro-Israel voice in Congress who voted against the Iran nuclear deal in 2015.

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