Illinois Democrats and Republicans agree: Madigan must go

A Call for New Leadership for the Democratic Party of Illinois
ILDem Leaders for New Leadership
August 11, 2020

We come from across Illinois; from Bloomington to Rockford and from Carbondale to Chicago. We are or were elected officials, Democratic Party officials, or Democratic candidates. We represent the socioeconomic and geographic diversity that is the true strength of the Democratic Party of Illinois, and today we echo the call for new leadership for our party and for the Illinois House…We urge Michael Madigan to do right by the people of Illinois and step down from his roles as Speaker and as Chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois. READ MORE

CENTER SQUARE Attorneys seek to remove Madigan as head of Democratic Party of Illinois as part of civil RICO suit A group of attorneys who filed a civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [RICO] case against House Speaker Michael Madigan and ComEd want to remove the speaker from power. Prosecutors sometimes use RICO in cases involving the mob. One of the attorneys who brought a civil RICO lawsuit in federal court against Madigan and ComEd seeking $450 million said that jury trial could take years. But they are looking for more immediate steps against Madigan in the weeks ahead.

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