“Israelis are now limited to traveling just over a half mile from their homes”

Is ultra-Orthodox ideological disobedience fueling Israel’s soaring virus rate?
by Nathan Jeffay
October 1, 2020

With Israel currently topping the world record for the rate of new daily cases of COVID-19 infection, some doctors are reaching an uncomfortable conclusion: that the actions of one community are disproportionately responsible for the surge. “I’m afraid to draw this conclusion,” says Dror Mevorach, after a day on the COVID-19 wards at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center. “I’m not sure people will get it right, and they’ll see anti-Semitism and think I’m chasing the Orthodox, and I don’t want that at all.” But he says he’s unable to ignore the scene in his wards, with numerous patients hospitalized soon after attending large indoor prayer services over Rosh Hashanah. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM ‘It could take up to a year for Israel to fully exit lockdown’ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells coronavirus cabinet that exit strategy must be carefully calculated and gradual. Lockdown extended to Oct. 14.

JNS Advice to New York-area Jewish communities on COVID and Sukkot: ‘Be careful, stay vigilant’ An emphasis has again been placed on New York, where large crowds typically celebrate the holiday, and where, along with other parts of the country, cases of infection are on the rise.

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