“The left in America wants to indoctrinate us to believe that the only thing that matters about a person is their skin color”

How the explosion in critical race theory is poisoning America
by Joshua Mitchell
November 28, 2020

How likely are we to heal our country’s wounds if we divide our fellow citizens into “white people” who are stained, and “people of color” who are innocent and pure? This ghastly enterprise is being undertaken by the left in America today. White employees go to work and are compelled to sit through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion humiliation sessions, which inform them that they are frauds whose success has been purchased by the suffering of non-whites. White government employees, thinking that their task is to work for the good of the entire body politic, are forced to attend Critical Race Theory workshops where they learn there is no body politic at all, only impure white people who collectively conspire to violate innocent people of color everywhere, using the power of the state to do so. READ MORE

FREE BEACON American High Schools Go Woke In July, the leadership of Los Angeles’s elite Harvard-Westlake School issued a 20-page confessional about the school’s role in perpetuating “racism and injustice” and promised changes. The school, which sends dozens of kids to the Ivy League every year, will now teach 11th-grade U.S. history from a “critical race theory perspective.” And diversity consultancies, which routinely charge six figures for their services, will facilitate the school’s transformation at every step.

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