“When Orthodox Jews were targeted for violence, the non-Orthodox belatedly responded with talk of solidarity. The pandemic and politics have put the lie to their pledges”

One year after Jersey City attack, Jewish unity is on the rocks
by Jonathan Tobin
December 10, 2020

After a year of a pandemic and a hyper-partisan presidential election campaign, it seems like a lot longer than 12 months ago. However, the Dec. 10, 2019 attack on a kosher supermarket in Jersey City, N.J., briefly focused the American Jewish community on a problem that most of its members neither knew of nor cared much about up until then: African-American violence against Orthodox Jews. But as 2020 comes to a close, the non-Orthodox moved on from a momentary desire to pay lip service to the cause of unity with their more observant brethren. The focus on the impact of the novel coronavirus and differences about whether religious freedom should still be prioritized and protected during the crisis has left us further apart than ever. READ MORE

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