“The real problem here is not with Jill Biden’s title or the back-and-forth over Epstein’s essay. The real problem here is that Northwestern University decided to issue an official condemnation”

Dr. No: Northwestern’s Unwise Rebuke of Epstein’s Op-Ed
by Professor Charles Lipson
December 15, 2020

Joseph Epstein wrote a controversial column last week saying Jill Biden should stop using the courtesy title “Dr.,” despite her doctorate in education. Leave that title for physicians, Epstein said on the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page. The column set off fireworks among academics and intellectuals. The epicenter was Northwestern University, where Epstein, a prolific and erudite essayist, has long been listed as a “lecturer” in the English Department. No more. His name disappeared immediately from the department website. Ditching him quietly wasn’t enough for university administrators, who issued a blistering official condemnation of Epstein’s views. They added that he hadn’t really been a lecturer since 2003, without mentioning his many years of teaching there. READ MORE

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