YouTube bans as “hate speech” Bob Dylan song in defense of Israel

Bob Dylan’s ‘Neighborhood Bully’ Gets Memory-Holed
by Jacob Siegel
December 22, 2020

…I can assure you that Googling “Neighborhood Bully” was in no way intended by me as a political statement or gesture. “Neighborhood Bully” is assumed to be a song about Israel being singled out and maligned among the world’s nations, but Dylan has rejected this interpretation just as he always denied narrow political readings of his work…Discovering that a cultural product of any note is not instantly available on one of the major internet content platforms is enough to trigger a state of mild alarm…That sensation turns into a full-on paranoid itch when the missing artifact in question is a song by one of the most legendary and popular musicians of the past century, on a site, YouTube, where one can easily watch pirated movies, Hitler’s speeches, and snuff films…READ MORE

Still available on VIMEO

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