Schumer opponent Khaled Salem favors “definitive action” against terrorist organizations that destabilize the region”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Democratic Senate candidate: Israel should ‘end’ Hezbollah, Hamas
by Staff
February 17, 2021

Senate candidate Khaled Salem, an Egyptian-born American who is running as a Democrat against Sen. Chuck Schumer in the 2020 mid-term election, is urging Israel to take definitive action against Hezbollah and Hamas. In a press release issued Tuesday, Salem, who serves as CEO of the American Human Rights organization, said that not only did Hamas and Hezbollah pose a threat to Israel, but also to peace in the entire Middle East. “Israel should end these two entities,” Salem shared. “It would do them a world of good, while making the entire area more stable.” READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Israeli Air Force Holds Massive Surprise Exercise Simulating War With Hezbollah, Hitting 3,000 Targets in a Day Over the last few days, the Israeli Air Force has been involved in a massive surprise exercise simulating a full-scale war with Hezbollah, in what a leading Israeli expert explained as “telling Nasrallah that he cannot bet on a small war.” Israeli news site Walla reported that the “Rose of Galilee” exercise began on Sunday morning and ended Tuesday after 60 hours of operations.

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