#SNL helps promote libel that Israel withholds vaccine from #Palestinians

‘Saturday Night Live‘ Blasted for Antisemitic Joke About Israel and Coronavirus Vaccines
by Joel B. Pollak
February 21, 2021

Saturday Night Live is being criticized for a joke by Michael Che during the show’s most recent broadcast that suggested the State of Israel is only offering the coronavirus vaccine to Jews. The joke came in the “Weekend Update” segment, when Che announced: “Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half their population. And I’m gonna guess: it’s the Jewish half.” “Fake news” reports that Israel is not providing vaccines to Palestinians or Arabs have become the newest staple of anti-Israel propaganda. Jewish leaders have pointed out that the false accusation repeats themes of antisemitic blood libels dating to the medieval era, when Jews were falsely accused of poisoning the surrounding populations. READ MORE

NEW YORK POST Editorial Board: ‘Saturday Night Live’ tries to pass off anti-Israel hate as humor In fact, some 43 percent of Israeli Arabs had gotten jabbed when Che spoke. That lags the Jewish rate, but for a host of reasons — including Palestinian Authority propaganda that claims Jerusalem is experimenting on Arabs under the guise of immunization.

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