“Liberals advocate for immigration policies that are creating a humanitarian disaster, yet show their partisanship by not protesting measures they denounced when Trump was in office”

Why do Jewish groups no longer care about ‘kids in cages’?
by Jonathan Tobin
March 4, 2021

If there was one cause that united all critics of former President Donald Trump during the past four years, it was their horror and outrage about “kids in cages.” In the view of most liberal groups, the detention of minor illegal immigrants in temporary facilities near the southern border was an intolerable human-rights offense. They saw it as proof of the depravity of Trump’s administration and its determination to halt the flow of illegal immigrants…But as a new surge of illegals has started to pour over the border in anticipation of what they hope will be an end to enforcement of laws against illegal immigration, those who were screaming about the injustice of “kids in cages” must answer an important question. If the detention of minors in makeshift prisons was a crime under Trump, why are they indifferent to it when it is happening now under President Joe Biden? READ MORE

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