“Israel is no longer the “smiling socialism on earth” admired by European leftists”

Rafael Bardaji on Why Europe “Will Remain Hostile to Israel”
by Marilyn Stern
March 14, 2021

…According to [Rafael] Bardaji, three points of friction between the EU and Israel are prominent this year….Furthermore, “a state that is defined by religious belief – the state of the Jewish people” is seen as an “anachronism” given the “radical secularization of Europe.” The average European, ascribing to a “post-modern world,” cannot comprehend a people defined by a religion other than Islam surviving in the hostile environs of the Middle East. Further contributing to Europe’s hostility towards Israel is that it has evolved from its beginnings as a socialist experiment, which appealed to the left in Europe, to become the “pro-capitalist … start-up nation,” READ MORE

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