“Biden was not challenged, but caressed and fondled by the morally bankrupt media”

The Self-Parody of Pres. Biden’s First Press Conference: A “transcript” of the press conference
by Charles Lipson
March 26, 2021

There is absolutely no crisis at the southern border, and Trump caused it. Also Trump wanted small children to die at the border. I don’t. That’s just another reason people say I’m such a good person. This surge of immigrants, which isn’t happening at all, is certainly not due to anything I said as a candidate, like telling the world I would suspend deportations for 100 days and stop construction of the border wall. No, it’s just springtime, plus bad conditions in Central America. Common on, man, nobody can do anything about springtime. But we can do something about Central America. We can fix it. My suggestion is street lamps. I thought of that myself. Trump didn’t. READ MORE

THE FEDERALIST Sleepy Joe Biden Hosts The Most Awkward Press Conference Of All Time The president did not call on any conservative reporters. Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy—who frequently questions Psaki—was not provided the opportunity to probe. Reporters from Associated Press, PBS, The Washington Post, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, and Univision all got their turn to pander.

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