“Muslim converts who manage to escape execution face a range of repercussions from losing their jobs to being shunned by friends to being disowned by relatives”

Nonie Darwish on Muslim Converts to Christianity: “I Could Be Killed”
by Marilyn Stern
March 26, 2021

…Although Christians face oppression throughout the Islamic world, Muslim converts to the faith face an even harsher climate because Islamic doctrine condemns apostasy and conversion away from the Islamic faith is deeply taboo. Islam “was created 600 years after Christ as a rebellion against biblical values,” said Darwish, and therefore “to choose the Bible over Islam … Jesus over Muhammad, is the ultimate insult to Islam.”…Islamic law sanctions the killing of apostates. Although civil laws in some countries may nominally protect converts, in most countries “the percentage of Muslims who believe in killing apostates is huge” and authorities often turn a blind eye to it, so the threat of “vigilante justice against apostates” is ever-present. READ MORE

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