In an exclusive interview with Israel Hayom, Jonathan Pollard describes the decision to hand over classified information to Israel, the brutal expulsion from the Israeli Embassy, the war for survival in prison, the love story with Esther, and the moment he arrived back home, in Israel

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Exclusive interview with Jonathan Pollard
by Boaz Bismuth, Caroline B. Glick and Ariel Kahana
March 26, 2021

On Nov. 21, 1985, at 10 a.m., Jonathan Pollard and his then-wife arrive at the Israeli Embassy in Washington. He still recalls what happened in those moments, second by second, as if they had happened only yesterday. He describes FBI surveillance, including agents with rifles and a helicopter. He says he got to the embassy and flashed the car’s lights at the guard, and the gate opened, saying, “They knew who we were.” He went in, and the gate closed behind him, leaving his FBI tail outside. He got out of the car and asked, “Is this it? Am I home? This is sovereign Israeli territory.” And he was told: “Everything is fine. You’re home.” READ MORE

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