Naama initiative builds on Israel’s overall historic success as a center in drone innovation

Israel Wants to Create a National Drone Network: A Game Changer?
by Seth Frantzman
March 22, 2021

Soon skies could be filled with drones, like highways in the air, with the machines delivering essential items on predefined routes. While rumors of drones delivering pizza or products have circulated for years, often without much success, Israel is embarking on an initiative called the Naama Project that aims to create a national drone network for commercial delivery, medical transport and urban air mobility… The concept is to have up to twenty drones flying simultaneously and hundreds scheduled in a path over several weeks. “This is the first such demonstration in Israel out of a series of eight planned to take place over the next two years. This is a significant global breakthrough in the ability to manage drone operations at scale, which will lay the foundation for future national drone operations in many areas. READ MORE

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