The Jewish Tin Pan Alley composer who wrote ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ had never been to a ballgame

No Opening Day Without Von Tilzer!
by Robert Rockaway
March 31, 2021

Every baseball fan knows that during the seventh inning stretch, the organ plays and the crowd stands up to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” But most don’t know that the man who wrote the music was the Jewish composer Albert Von Tilzer, and he had never attended a baseball game…The song became a smash hit and brought Von Tilzer widespread fame. In 1908, Jack Norworth wrote the original lyrics on some scrap paper while on a subway ride to Manhattan. On the train, he spotted a sign announcing “Baseball Today – Polo Grounds.”…He gave the scrap lyrics to his writing partner, Albert Von Tilzer, who composed the music, which was then published by the New York Music Company. READ MORE

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