“The more years of education people have, the more likely that they will hate Jews”

Evidence that campus anti-Zionist propaganda makes students antisemitic
April 2, 2021

Tablet magazine has a most disturbing article that shows that antisemitism is positively correlated with educationWe found that respondents with higher education levels are markedly more likely than those with lower education levels to apply a double standard unfavorable toward Jews. Across the four items in which the Jewish and non-Jewish versions of questions seemed the most similar, and which the overall sample answered roughly in the same way, subjects with college degrees were 5 percentage points more likely to apply a principle harshly to Jews than to non-Jews. Among those with advanced degrees, subjects were 15 percentage points more unfavorable toward Jewish than non-Jewish examples. READ MORE

TABLET MAGAZINE Are Educated People More Anti-Semitic? A new survey shows that a remedy American Jews have put their faith in for the past century may now be spreading the disease

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