Media reporting on hate crimes against Jews: “One major media outlet, however, stood out as an exception, even though it is New York-based”

The News Unfit to Print in The New York Times
by Ricki Hollander
May 7, 2021

The case of Jordan Burnette and his repeated attacks on synagogues in New York’s Bronx borough comes at a period when hate crimes against Jews in New York are at alarmingly high levels. Over a period of several nights in late April, the 29-year-old Burnette went on a vandalism spree, smashing windows, trashing prayer books, and inflicting considerable property damage in Jewish institutes in the Riverdale neighborhood, and causing apprehension and fear in the Jewish community. After an intensive search by the New York Police Department’s Hate Crime Unit, which released surveillance footage of the perpetrator attacking a synagogue, Burnette was arrested. Under the state’s new bail laws, however, he was subsequently released under supervisionREAD MORE

FEDERALIST New York’s ‘Bail Reform’ Disaster Shows Democrats Don’t Care About Racism Against Jews ‘Bail reform’ doesn’t just endanger New Yorkers, it exposes how the left views antisemitic hate crimes as less important than woke politics.

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