Netanyahu: “We’re not standing with a stopwatch in our hand; rather, we are making sure to meet the goals of this operation”

Netanyahu determined to continue Gaza operation despite pressure from Biden
by Lahav Harkov, Tovah Lazaroff
May 20, 2021

US President Joe Biden told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he expects Israel to move towards a ceasefire with Hamas on Wednesday, but Netanyahu said Operation Guardian of the Walls will continue until Israeli citizens are secure. Following a phone call between the leaders, the White House said that Biden “expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire.”…“With every day that passes, we strike more abilities of the terrorist organizations,” Netanyahu said. “We are thwarting more senior commanders, toppling more terrorist towers, striking more arms caches.” READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL IDF officer: Hamas is looking for a ‘major success’ before the end of fighting The Israel Defense Forces believes that Hamas is “trying to have a major success,” such as a cross-border attack or other major assault, which it can hold up as a victory over Israel as the current round of fighting appears to be drawing to a close, a senior officer in the military’s Southern Command told reporters on Wednesday. The senior officer said he believed the military’s intelligence capabilities would prevent the terror group from conducting a large invasion into Israel, but acknowledged that a smaller operation was possible.

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