Understanding Israel’s Destruction of Hamas’ “Metro” and Who won?

Israel or Hamas: Who won?
by Daniel Pipes
June 7, 2021

Who won the recent round of fighting between Hamas and Israel? The war of words that followed the air battles finds pro-Israel voices deeply divided and anti-Israel ones claiming a famous Hamas victory. But it’s too early to tell. On the pro-Israel side, for example, Efraim Inbar and Dan Schueftan argue for Israel’s success based on the pain Hamas experienced. Doron Matza, Seth J. Frantzman, and Hanan Shai argue for its failure based on nonmilitary issues, such as uniting Palestinians against Israel and finding international support. READ MORE

NATIONAL INTEREST Seth Frantzman: How Israel Targeted Hamas Underground (And What It Could Do Next) The importance of demolishing the Metro system was to prevent Hamas from being able to easily move rockets around underground and set up the mass barrages that can be coordinated and linked to centralized command and control.

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