“The incidents in Iran lead to questions about whether Israel has overseen a wide-ranging campaign of attacks and sabotage against Iran”

Is Iran Suffering From ‘Simple Sabotage?’
by Seth J. Frantzman
June 8, 2021

Iran has suffered a series of mysterious explosions and fires over the past year. While some of them have targeted sensitive sites, such as the Natanz nuclear facility, many other incidents appear more accidental. Nevertheless, they have done significant damage to Iranian infrastructure. In early June, the Iranian navy’s largest ship sunk after a fire on board. An oil refinery had a tank that ruptured and exploded in Tehran, and a steel factory also reportedly suffered a fire on June 5. Many of the explosions and fires have been reported with heightened interest due to Israel-Iran tensions. READ MORE

REUTERS ‘Intense’ Iran nuclear talks resume as Germany calls for rapid progress Indirect talks between Tehran and Washington on reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal resumed in Vienna on Saturday as the European Union said negotiations were “intense” and Germany called for rapid progress. The sixth round of talks began as usual with a meeting of remaining parties to the deal – Iran, Russia, China, France, Britain, Germany and the European Union – in the basement of a luxury hotel.

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