@MichaelDickson of @StandWithUs accused Hollywood actor @SethRogen of ‘providing cover for extremists who seek to ridicule, bully and troll Jews online’

Seth Rogen in online spat with head of pro-Israel group StandWithUs
by Francine Wolfisz
June 16, 2021

Seth Rogen and a leading Israel advocate were embroiled in a heated Twitter exchange this week, with the Hollywood actor accused of “providing cover for extremists who seek to ridicule, bully and troll Jews online”. Michael Dickson, the Israeli executive director of StandWithUs, a pro-Zionist charity which also counters antisemitism, found himself coming under attack by Rogen after user @Howard_Lovy tweeted on Monday: “I wonder if @Sethrogen says to himself every day. “Nice job, me. I’ve made sure that every Jew on social media is continuously harassed by anti-Semites with fart jokes. Now, that’s funny.” READ MORE

TABLET MAG Eve Barlow: The Social Media Pogrom Twitter will not free Palestine, but it will certainly make the world a more antisemitic place…In the streets of major cities around the world, Jews have been targeted with fireworks, with fists, and with human spit. Who knew this could happen? Well, we did, and we tried to make noise about it.

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