White progressives can never be woke enough: “It won’t much matter what Tom Hanks, movie star, does, because nothing will ever be enough”

Tom Hanks: Great Actor, White Supremacist
by Marc Tapson
June 17, 2021

…What he and other apologetic white Hollywood progressives are going to find out the hard way is that cultural Marxists like [Eric] Deggans view systemic racism in every American institution as a given; they see whiteness as an irredeemable condition; and they believe that the “hard work,” as they call it, of anti-racism is never-ending. No amount of self-abasement and cultural reparations by today’s white elites will ever heal our current racial divide (but of course, for the Marxist left, that’s the point: not to close the divide, but to perpetuate it and aggravate it). And the more that self-flagellating whites buy into this worldview and strive to cleanse themselves of guilt for racial sins they never committed, like slavery or Jim Crow laws, the deeper the chasm between black and white will grow. READ MORE

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