“On this Tisha B’Av, Jews should note a year of sorrow and continued baseless hatred that is tearing us apart. In the face of hate and existential challenges, it’s long past time to find common ground”

A year with too much to mourn
by Jonathan Tobin
July 16, 2021

…The political divide between left and right over a host of issues, including Israel and racial politics in the United States, has to some extent left the community too painfully divided to come together in any meaningful way. That makes the lesson the sages teach that the destruction of Jerusalem was caused not so much by the actions of outside foes but by sinat chinam—baseless hatred—among the tribe, which is all the more applicable on this Tisha B’Av. And coming after more than a year of the coronavirus pandemic, unexpected tragedies, war and a related surge in anti-Semitism, the need for more introspection and unity, and less blaming and shaming, remains greater than ever. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST PM Bennett warns of historic danger of Jewish disunity on Tisha Be’av Hardline religious-Zionist activists against disturb Conservative prayer service, reading of Book of Lamentation, in egalitarian section of Western Wall.

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