“A perception is gaining traction in the US that American Jews are turning on Israel, especially young American Jews”

US Jewry failed to teach its youth about Israel, here is the result
by Herb Keinon
July 14, 2021

…What didn’t make the top 10 was that 28% of those [American Jews] polled – and 38% of those under 40 – agreed with the statement that “Israel is an apartheid state”; 23% of those polled and 33% under 40 agreed that “Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians”…If one-fourth of American Jews truly think – as this poll claims, but which some observers of the American Jewish community find hard to believe – that Israel is an apartheid state committing genocide against the Palestinians, then there is something woefully wrong. And what is wrong is with American Jewry, not with Israel. READ MORE

JERUSALEM CENTER FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS Dan Diker and Yechiel Leiter: The ‘Apartheid’ Poll and the Disinformation Discourse Palestinian leadership has used Soviet-style disinformation to discredit, delegitimize, and demonize Israel beginning in the late 1960s, when PLO officials underwent military and political warfare training in Moscow and other Soviet satellite countries.

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