Can one even imagine Truman begging the Iranian ayatollahs for a nuclear deal not in our favor? Or handing over the keys to a country to the same terrorists who used it to launch an attack on America only 20 years ago?

A Tale of Two Photos Captures Different Americas
by Warren Kozak
August 30, 2021

Two photographs, taken 76 years apart — within the lifetime of many — drive home the change our country has taken in that short span of time…Two wars. Two different endings. Two very different Americas. In the older photo, a stern General Douglas MacArthur, orders the defeated Japanese officials to sign the surrender documents under the gaze of dozens of military officers. Then, 76 years later, it is the United States that is humiliated by the haphazard order of an American President. For those of us who grew up thinking that first photo exemplified who we are, the change is dizzying. READ MORE

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