VP Kamala Harris applauds student who accuses Israel of “ethnic genocide,” saying “your truth cannot be suppressed”

VP Harris to student who accused Israel of ‘genocide’: Your truth must be heard
by Tzvi Joffre
September 29, 2021

During a discussion with students about National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, US Vice President Kamala Harris did not challenge a comment by a student at George Mason University in Virginia who accused Israel of “ethnic genocide” and defended her right to say it. The student, who identified herself as part-Yemeni, part-Iranian and “not an American,” also expressed outrage at US funding of the Iron Dome. She said America affects her life “every day” due to military funding it gives to Saudi Arabia and Israel…The student questioned why money was going to Israel and Saudi Arabia instead of to social issues in America. READ MORE

FOX NEWS Iran state media promotes video of Kamala Harris not pushing back on Israel ‘ethnic genocide’ claim An Iran state media outlet promoted a clip Thursday of Vice President Kamala Harris praising a student who had just accused the United States of funding Israel’s “ethnic genocide” against Palestinians.

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