“For those of us who read the Israeli news each day, the reports of murder in the Arab community every few days has become numbing, and heartbreaking”

“You’re only here by mistake. Ben-Gurion should have thrown you all out”
by Daniel Gordis
October 18, 2021

…Though Arabs constitute about 20% of Israel’s population, Arab murder of other Arabs accounts for some 70% of all homicides in Israel. The murder rate in the Arab community has risen by 50% in the past four years. In 2019, 89 Israeli Arabs were murdered, compared with 36 Jews. In 2020, the number rose to 113, and at this point in 2021, there have been more than 100. Tribal and family feuds and score-settling account for many of these murders. Some are also killings of women by their own family, in numerous cases for “family honor”—sex outside of marriage, etc. In very few cases do the murders of Arab result in indictments, much less convictions. READ MORE

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