“Chicago was one of the many cities that saw a surge in homicides in the past year, and University of Chicago was not immune from that violence”

Students at University of Chicago discover the folly of abolishing the police
by Zachary Faria
November 18, 2021

It isn’t just Democrat-run cities that have learned how ridiculous their embrace of “defund the police” has been. Now, students at the University of Chicago are learning that reality isn’t as rosy as the utopia in their heads. Students there protested , demanding more campus police and better campus security after the shooting death of recent graduate Shaoxiong “Dennis” Zheng. Zheng was killed near campus on a Tuesday afternoon, and he is the third University of Chicago student killed this year. Students at the university had a far different tone just one year ago. Starting on Aug 29., students occupied a block outside of Provost Ka Yee Lee’s home for one week to try and pressure the university to disband the University of Chicago’s Police Department. READ MORE

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