Terror groups lament passing of Desmond Tutu who accused ‘the Jews’ of causing “many of the world’s problems”

What The Media Didn’t Tell You About Bishop Desmond Tutu
by Jeff Dunetz
December 27, 2021

When Bishop Desmond Tutu passed away on Sunday, he was celebrated across the world as a man who led non-violent opposition to South Africa’s white minority rule called apartheid. And he should be honored for that achievement. But the media’s glowing praise of the Bishop left out something important, the hatred he displayed for the Jewish people…He has publicly complained about what he calls “the Jewish monopoly of the Holocaust.”…Before he retired Tutu spewed vile Antisemitism worthy of the famous fraudulent Jew-hating tome “The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion,” which purports to describe a  Jewish plan for global domination. He compared Judaism to Hitler, Stalin, and tyrants, along with bloviating the stereotype that the powerful Jewish lobby runs the U.S. READ MORE

JNS Alan Dershowitz: Bishop Tutu was the most influential anti-Semite of our time
Tutu’s good deeds should not shield him from accountability for his long history of anti-Jewish bigotry, writes famed attorney and Israel advocate Alan M. Dershowitz.

BREITBART Reuters Quotes Palestinian Terrorists Alongside Prominent World Leaders in Reaction Piece to Desmond Tutu Death In a report documenting major reactions to the recent passing of South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Reuters international news agency gave a prominent position to a senior Hamas figure as well as an official of the terrorist-designated Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) alongside world leaders and prominent figures

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