United Nations General Assembly funds UNHRC “mock court” against Israel

125 countries back open-ended UNHRC war crimes probe against Israel
by Tovah Lazaroff
December 24, 2021

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has voted to fund an unprecedented open-ended war crimes probe against Israel, with the backing of 125 countries. The probe, called a Commission of Inquiry (COI), had initially been approved in May by the 47-member UN Human Rights Council in the aftermath of the 11-day Gaza war, known as Operation Guardian of the Walls. Its broad mandate – approved 24-9 with 14 abstentions in May – allows for an investigation into any alleged Israeli human rights violations on either side of the Green Line…No such open-ended investigation has ever been leveled against any other UN member state. READ MORE

UNWATCH The Top 10 Worst U.N. Actions of 2021 Spoiler Alert: 1. UN Elects Iran to Top Women’s Rights Body

JNS Sarah N. Stern The UN’s Peculiar Obsession with Israel It is high time for the U.N. to re-examine some of the lofty principles within its founding charter, and to finally abandon its laser focus on Israel. How about investigating some of the world’s worst abusers of human rights in recent history, including some of the venerated members of its very own Human Rights Council?

WALL STREET JOURNAL The U.N.’s Israel Libel Machine Expands Israel is already an irrational fixation of the U.N., which issued 17 resolutions condemning it in 2020. But the funding stream approved at the General Assembly Thursday further institutionalizes the anti-Israel libel machine. The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs notes that the new commission will have 24 permanent staff, compared to 20 permanent staff for the Human Rights Council branch covering all of Asia. With an annual budget greater than $5 million, it will fund “790 days of travel for experts and staff every year from 2022 on.” [partially funded by US taxpayers]

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