BLM posts $100,000 bail for “activist” charged with attempted murder after shooting at Jewish mayoral candidate

Louisville activist charged after attempted shooting of mayoral candidate
by Christopher Hutton
February 15, 2022

A former Black Lives Matter activist in Louisville, Kentucky, has been charged after the attempted shooting of a mayoral candidate…”The gunman stood in the doorway as he fired the shots, and one of my teammates was standing to the side of the door and was able to get the door slammed, and then he and other teammates that were closer to the door just threw tables and desks to barricade us in,” Greenberg said at a Monday press conference. “I’m very fortunate to have a great team of brave people who responded in that way. We are all very blessed. … It all happened so quick, but it’s a very surreal experience.” READ MORE

BIZ PAC REVIEW BLM guest on Joy Reid’s show ends up charged with attempted murder of mayoral candidate The Black Lives Matter activist who was charged with attempted murder of a Democratic mayoral candidate had once appeared with MSNBC’s Joy Reid touting gun control. Reid had once sung the praises of Quintez Brown, the 21-year-old political activist and journalist who stunned many with his alleged shooting of Craig Greenberg, a Jewish Democrat running for mayor in Louisville, Kentucky.

DAILY MAIL BLM helps raise $100,000 bail for defund police activist student, 21, charged with attempted murder ‘after walking into Jewish Democrat mayoral candidate’s office and opening fire’

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